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H (Class P for Peggy)


Her lipstick, a picture of Steve, a diamond necklace, her lockpicking case, her gun


January 1949, founding of SHIELD


PRETTY SELF-EXPLANATORY. CLASS H can list their address or borough. CLASS A/P/F will be assigned rooms.


Peggy is a highly determined, ambitious person who hates being constrained by her gender and therefore what other people believe she should be doing. She has never been one to follow rules instead of doing what she wants to do - mostly what she wants to do no matter who says otherwise. It is one of the reasons she joined the Army - no matter how much her parents begged her not too. She could have helped the country in other ways but she wanted to be at the front, doing the absolute best that she could for Britain and America.

Her ambition, is also backed up by a natural intelligence that makes her a force to be reckoned with. She has a habit of picking up on things that others might and takes no sass from anyone ever. She will say what she thinks, do what she wants but at the same time upholds her beliefs and values. Some people might put this down to her being born and raised in Britain, but she likes to think it's due to her success in the Army which is very much a mans world.

The intelligence, the ambition and the drive to succeed as well as the ability to take no sass is what people see and think of when they first perceive Peggy, but there is in fact a lot more to her than that. On the inside, she is someone who enjoys having fun with her friends and has a strong sense of humour as well as an incredible wit. She will always offer an ear to those that need one as well as a shoulder to cry on if need be.

Something she will never admit to anyone - barely herself when it comes down to it. She hates the thought of failing, especially her father who always put a lot of pressure on her (in her mind) to do well as for a long time she was an only child. While he has now since passed away, that drive to please him is still there and something she isn't sure if it will ever go away. Oh that and she absolutely thinks that the way society treats women - she appreciates how the world has come but still thinks they could go a hell of a lot further in terms of equality.

Most of all though, Peggy is human and that is something some people seem to forget at times. She gets jealous (especially when people she likes kisses other people *cough*Steve*Cough*), she can be hurt, can lose her temper and everything that just a normal run of the mill person can do.

Most surprisingly though of all is that despite all her bravado, Peggy is female. She enjoys dressing up, wearing makeup going on dances and just the normal things women of the 1940s would do if they weren't in the army fighting for justice. In fact, it might surprise you that the one thing she wants in her life besides respect for herself despite her gender is a family.


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